Cover and introductions of the Novel:'Song of the Sea'

.                                                             Introduction


The 2nd. World War has now been over for a few years, and the population of the United Kingdom is beginning to settle down to some kind of mundane domestic routine, albeit things would never be the same again, as they had existed before the start of the two World Wars.  Rebuilding work was slow to start and prefabs were being put up to rehouse the homeless families, of whom many have suffered the loss of a wage earner, who was killed during the war.   In fact the whole world has been affected economically and socially; even America had entered the war at the last minute devastating Japan by dropping the two Atomic bombs on Horishima and Nagasaki due to the "surprise attack" by Japan on it's unsuspecting Pearl Harbour, bring about an abrupt early end to the continuing conflict - Hitler was already defeated, but the Emperor Hirotito of Japan had refused to give in.   Everybody was struggling to survive in this changing world, and as a consequence  it was hard for the able-bodied child to adjust, let alone one who was disabled

     The disabled child at this major critical challenging time in history was still the most disadvantaged child.   No matter what the nature of their disability, they were still being kept away from society and very often hidden away, as of old, by well meaning parents or guardians in; in fact still being treated like lepers by those who should know better in this new so called "New Dawning" civilised society of the 20th. Century.   This was the sad situation which assailed all disabled children and adults alike, even though, ironically, the  most well mannered, courteous, and very often the prettiest child, was found among the disadvantaged segment of society.   The new health service, which came into force at the end of the war, had promised to rectify this gross injustice by making things better for Great Britain's health.  In many ways conditions for the pregnant woman as well as general health checks did improve with the introduction of ante-natal care.   Also free glasses, dental care, free prescriptions and vitamins, and better hospital care, helped to pave the way to lesson the burden of disability and went a long in helping to prevent babies being born with defects.  Open Air Schools for the sick and physically disabled were now beginning to open throughout the country, offering better health care along with peaceful conditions to asthmatics, polio victims etc. but unfortunately at the expense of a proper all roundeducation including exams, and refusal of entry to the eleven plus.

     Organisations such as the Spastic's Society, which is now renamed Scope and is among the largest organisations for the disabled,  fought to bring the aforementioned predicament to light;  but a lot more was required of individual thinking in kicking away the horror of unjustified prejudices brought about by centuries of ingrained superstitions in that a person was bad if they were born disabled, or their parents had done something to warrant "God's Wrath" to visit them.  Herbert Gascoigne Lyon was the first and foremost of these very farsighted, honest hearted and dedicated people who wanted to change peoples attitudes to the sick and disabled at the cessation of the World War 2.    He had an unshakable faith that God was using him to open up the attitudes of people towards the aforementioned and to set a precedent for future societies all over the world.                

     This intriguing novel is based on a true story of the life of a little girl, which was me, who came to live on the outskirts of the big city of London, and who was given the blue print of survival by this unsung hero, "Uncle Bert", as he became known by thousands of disabled children during his very eventful sixty seven years of life on this Earth.  He did not set out to be popular and did not care who he upset among the government or medical profession in his quest to further the interest of the disabled or sick child;  their aims and desires had become first and foremost in his life. Despite his "take me or leave me" attitude, many people who got to know Bert, came to admire the "fire and intensity" that permeated his will, whole personality and drive, to further the interests of those worse off than him.  He was  truly one of the world's altruistic people.




 The spirit of Herbert  Lyon's ideas will carry on till

        The end of  time.            



.Oh Song of the Sea

                     What can you do for me?

                   Fulfilment of promises will unfold

                      Now the story is about to be told ......



Click on image to play 'A Small Child's Dream' for Violin and piano


Click on image to play 'A Small Child's Dream' for harp and orchestra.

  Spring is Coming,                                                              

With it all the hopes and promises

        Of a year flourishing

Frost and snow gone with yester year,

Primroses and the scents of bluebells

         In woods will soon be here,

Clear blue skies with pink hues

Will welcome the call of birds

         Whose sweet songs                                  


    Seem to carry the messages

         Of their Creator

           Throughout the air,


   Wishing us a prosperous and

             Happy New Year!




         Janet Marie Cattier  


              Janet's Song 

I  wrote the forgoing piece of music, based on a tune that I improvised in Mrs. Hamilton's classroom, when a piano was given to the class.    It is based on a desire to write music that I cultivated, after meeting Mr. Lyon

A Small Child’s Dream

We all aim to be-

What we dream to do.

 Make that dream come true,

Carry it throughout your life.

Make an early start-

What you aim to do.

Use an helping hand; You should not turn it away.

You are the one who can set yourself free. Go along the road that's easy and true,  Then you will follow your dream.


We all aim to be-

What we dream to do.

Make that dream come true,

 Carry it throughout your life.  

Make an early start,

What you aim to do,

Use an helping hand, You should not turn it away.    

Pastures new, Hopes anew, We will carry it through! Help ourselves, Others too,

Give us a leg up in life.


We all aim to be,

What we dream to do.

Make that dream come true ,

Carry it throughoutyour life.

Make an early start,

What you aim to do.

We shall do our best,

Trust in our destiny.           Music piano score 

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to my page containing the piano score of

''A Small Child's Dream'.

'Liike a ship at sea,through life we are blown'

The following intriguing story follows my life as a deaf cerebral palsy girl, who found an inner strength to became a normal living citizen.  With the help and encouragement of all those round me, especially my wonderful family, I was able  to achieve what many normal people would find impossible.

   Just a few of the names in this true story have been changed to save embarrassment to the people concerned.

   I chose to write part to of my biography in the third person because I wanted to give an overall picture of what it is like living in such circumstances, bringing the people and scenery alive; as if I were watching a film  of my life and that of Wingfield's.   Some  may say this is confusing: but I have given guides and pictures in the first and third parts which should help and can be used alongside the reading of this non fictitious novel as a reference. I have called part two a 'novel' in order to separate ii from the other two parts.  

            Oh Song of the sea,

                  How sweet thou may be,

            Stretch out your hand

                         And reach for me.


         The storm now long gone,

    Therefore sing your Song,

So beautiful and serene,


I chose the title to my book, "Song of the Sea,"

as the sea, being one of the most powerful forces

on Earth, denotes the dynamic personality of

Wingfield Music club's Founder,

Herbert Gascoigne Lyon.


"Song of the Sea"   the novel

Janet's Song