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Janet Cattier has struggled against adversity for all of her 54 years.

  Complications when she was born led to her suffering from cerebral palsy and she is also profoundly deaf

  As a disabled child, Ms Cattier went to a special school.

  But the determined woman went on to marry and raised her daughter single-handedly.

  She also held down a job where she learned shorthand typing.




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               Scientology Hurts Wingfield

What I want to know, is why the scientologists threw out Wingfield's music and tapes which possibly included our television films. Barbara Cook, Wingfield's secretary, told me that the Scientologists took over Evelyn Gluck's house, situated in the St. John's Wood and Chalk farm area, for their London Headquarters after she died during the 1990s; she was the granddaughter of Burton the tailor, and his heiress. We always said that Evelyn had more money than sense...  

      This was a shame, because Evelyn was a very talented and generous person. I don't like the Scientology cult: they put our music, which they mangled with the tapes, out on the doorstep in the rain rendering them useless. I wanted the tapes to go with my book I am writing about the history of Wingfield and those times we lived in.

     It will be interesting to read my book. It is about the handicapped: how they were treated during this time; how Wingfield and Herbert Lyon brought about the idea of music therapy; and how he fought to improve the heavy and ugly prosthetic limbs for the disabled; and made a working artificial hand, in which the fingers moved, he called 'The Monster'.

     I was given the board 'The Monster' was built and demonstrated on. The fingers moved via the nerves in the amputated limb just below the elbow. Brenda  Bamford use to demonstrate it to the doctors for Bert, and the Wingfield team which included an engineer, a designer, and a violin teacher, Les Jenkinson.  Brenda had her viola, like Gina's cello, restrung to bow with her left arm. The bow, like Gina's, was strapped to the artificial hand. I remember the problems the team had to overcome with that artificial limb. The team worked in Bert's front room. Lily Lyon and I used the dining room, where she was teaching me shorthand. Evelyn came to the house at this time too, and helped with my music writing.

     Evelyn joined the Scientologists to find her daughter who had been 'nabbed' by them. Evelyn told me that this was the only way she could find Clare.  "I found her selling stuffed toys on a beach in America," she said. I think it was Florida.

     Poor Evelyn died shortly afterwards of lung cancer at the age of 48 years: she smoked eighty cigarettes a day. I tried to encourage her to quit smoking. I also showed her the hope we have from the Holy Bible of everlasting life in the future under the kingdom of Jesus Christ here on this earth. Isaiah chapt 65 and Revelation chapt 21 strongly supports this. 

    We will all look forward to seeing our loved ones in the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the not so distant future. What a lovely thought!

Here is Evelyn teaching Maureen the clarinet in the Wingfield Music Club, held at Hale End Road school on Monday evenings: she was an excellent musician.



1) Gazette picture

2) Scientology Hurt Wingfield.

Music Trust for the disabled.


Herbert Lyon demonstrating the motivation hand. The muscle nerves moved the fingers. He called it 'The Monster'.