A Sick Society?

Decet vulputate nulla roto

        Essay on;

      Problems in Society for the Disabled and Chronically Sick

Mental illness and physical disability does leave vulnerable people open
for abuse. The hospitals and institutions probably take on staff without

vetting them properly, as to whether they have a history of illness or

sadism. People like this may be able to cover their 'tracks' by their charm
and wit! So chronically sick people suffer in society.

      This is why I felt that my mother was in a very vulnerable state  

after being  admitted to hospital with a heart attack. I also felt that she should be
watched over day and night. Because of this, I stayed in that hospital, and did

not go home for seven days.  I knew I had to do this, as she had never made a

fuss in her entire life, and worried about us so much. Colchester General was so

short of nurses at this time and the might mother died,  could not find a nurse.

I eventually found the sister staring at a computer screen in a far room behind

the reception desk where there as no one attending. In the heart ward of all places

and nobody in the emergency section. I was shocked that this should have happened on Thursday, change over night.

      "Your mum worried about you more than you worried about her," a visitor to my house told me after mum died.  This visitor was right in a way. But this person had no girls. Only three healthy boys! She did not even know me! This is logged n my mind: these remarks do not go away because the memory of that remark still upsets me and I loved my mum dearly, as she was a beautiful person. I even moved away from the security of my home to get my nasty ex away from her. He was very argumentative and abusive. My family never hit or were abusive to 

each other: we only respected an encouraged every member of the family, relatives and friends include.  Lies and gossip should not be listened to...

     The danger is this kind of 'verbal abuse' could  make the person targeted
bitter and twisted especially in a situation when 'mum is dying',as I reiterate

that it is very difficult to blank these memories.

     Sometimes, even close friends say unmeaning things. So it can be seen how

the 'world is' when hospital workers are not carefully chosen, or are
properly supervised my 'Matrons' old, who kept good order and the nurse under

control. I would like the above incident at Colchester hospital never to happen again. Two nurses should be on duty on the wards at all times of the day and night.

    Another aspect to the 'face' of abuse, it could be argued, is the fact that some children do not get on with each other. Punching, pushing, swearing, groping and kicking go on in their environment, be it n the school playground, in the street,in their home, etc. this behavior often does not get any better as they age. Is it a wonder, then, that some 'grown ups' turnout also to be bullies, having not forgotten their formative years? This is the reason why the bible advises parents to be strict with their child's upbringing and to
telling them to choose their friends wisely: bad associations spoil useful habits.   After all,God did admonish the Israelites for mixing with the pagan nations. Maybe segregation and punishment is the answer to children's behaviour in later ife. It has been said on the news recently, "Let's bring back the borstals."

     Unfortunately, because many have forsaken God Almighty and the instruction in His word the Bible  the world has become one big playground where the weak and vulnerable suffer, and consequently are at the mercy of all bullies. We have only to watch the news on televisionto see this, proving Jesus's writings in the Gospel of Timothy:  "In the time of the end of this system of things, men will become self assuming, haughty, lovers of bad, liars lovers of themselves, no goodness in them."  Not altruistic at all!

     This is a cruel society,

     often `jumps on the backs`

     of the  frail, sick and disabled.

     Chronically ill people,

     often forced to live

     in exclusion; a nasty result.

     Something has to be done,

     and it has to be soon:

     about the wicked treatment

     of the vulnerable,

     sick and disabled. 

     It must not be tolerated

     in what is called a:

     'Civilized, Democratic, Society'.


                                                                  by Janet Cattier


Decet vulputate nulla roto

         My essay, 'Problems in Society for the Disabled and Chronically   Sick',  was written in response to an email I sent to a friend of mine, Joan Wlford from Brighton, who had been a support to my brother, Stephen, before she died in February, about three years ago. Peter,

 her new husband, phoned my mobile with his sad news while I was out shopping. She was about 70 years old.


                 All the 'dead' are now asleep waiting to be woken,

                 According the prophets, written and spoken,

                 We will surely see our loved ones again'

                 Who will no longer suffer and be in pain,

                 Jesus Christ will appear from Heaven again,

                 His Heaenly Father has given him power to heal,

                 With opening of the  'Book' and breaking the last seal,

                'Scrolls of Life' will at last be ardently opened,

                 Sin and death will be no more, and no more 'forsaken',

                 Almighty God Jehovah's promises cant be broken.

                        Our life on Earth will be one of lasting peace,

                              Never again will Satan's rule cause pain,

                        He will be gone forever from Earth's face,

                              Peace and Security never to cease.              by JCS


                From Isaiah chapts 65 and 37,  and the book of Revelation

Dear Joan,
>Did not receive your long E mail.  I hope you do not mind this one as I
>managed to edit the Essay on abuse to the chonically sick.
>Activity 1.9 - More guidelines.
>The two newspaper articles on pages 6 and 9 in the tool kit book one are
>good examples of the style we should and should not use in our Essay
>The article on page six contains the style we should use. It is written
>from an unemotional and detached point of view, which is one of the 'hall
>marks' of good academic writing. It also uses the impassive voice which
>helps to convey a sense of this Academic style which is used by the Open
>University in its Essays. Therefore, we may have to review our English
>language expertise. The way we speak and write it, probably, is the 'key'
>to a good Essay!
>Academic writing allows for a point of view to be expressed on evidence
>produce while remaining semi-detached from the subject discussed. Also,
>this style avoids pretentious writing which is embodied in the 'picture'
>article on page nine.
>The quotation, "helicopter fashion" is a scare quote, so called, probably,
>because mankind is frightened of losing the significance of those words. It
>is used in both articles. True quotation marks, which quote something
>somebody has said, are used more abundantly in the non Academic 'picture'
>version of the story about brutality to police dogs, while they were being
>trained in Colchester .
>The none picture article is less biased and is more balanced because of
>using less speech quotations, as well as less sensationalism.
>A friend of mine Emailed me this morning about her mentally ill son being
>recently ill-treated in a psychiatric unit in Brighton. It prompted me to
>write this short Essay.
>I did read somewhere in the course materials:"Use varying lengths of
>sentences in Essays". (another guideline)


Why do mental health workers

Print such terrible lies,

Report on numerous papers,

Which make the carers sigh.

What hope is there for recovery

Or for you and I

I have seen these reports and they are very disturbing. If they can print so many lies, then what other things do they get wrong? Could they be getting the patients diagnosis wrong? I a, afraid I have no confidence in the mental Health serve and it needs to be looked into to save a lot of suffering. The carers get lied about and this shpu,d never be allowed. ONE MOTHER WANTS TO SUE THEM FOR DEFAMATION OF HER CHARACTER. .