Controversial American Author, Corinne Heline's, view on Wingfield.


Q Perhaps the club's most notable achievement to date has been with Janet Cattier,

severe spastic, unable to speak and almost totally lack of control

in your hands. First he met the registrar. "It was amazing to her, his

right hand curled down completely; but in

this girl really was a fighter, and after making some progress,

He came to me and, in its way, indicated that he wanted to learn the violin. I had have

see those early days to be believed. More often than not, violin

finished floor; the bow pointed toward either side, giving the

impression sometimes that she was brandishing a fencing more

that playing violin. " However when the club gave its first concert

public the girl had improved enough to play a duo

Bert violin with Lyon. At about this time the girl also began

try to compose music and eventually placed a teacher

composition. You have now added the piano to his studies, he has dominated the

control of speech, and recently began working as a clerk -

without being registered as a disabled person.


Evelyn teaching Maureen Wyman the clarinet in the Wingfield Music Club during the 1960s at Hale End Road Open Air School in Walthamstow. The club held it's orchestra rehearsals in the school's main hall in the basement of the Big House. The army style prefabricated classrooms were used for individual lessons.

I found her comments which she has put in her book, 'Music', while researching the internet; plus a picture which I believe she must have been obtained from Bert Lyon. It is of my daughter when Bert gave her a little violin which once belonged to Clare, Evelyn Guck's daughter. It had a lovely sound.


I promised Wingfield, during the early part of the1980s, that I would write a book about their acheivements. This I have done, my early work as written on typewriters and photocopied together which the photos at the Essex University.  This will be put on my webpage, 'The brief History of Wingfield'.  

        I am putting the contents and more on the Worldwide Web rather than coveting expensive publishers: they are only interested in making money. Herbert and Lilian Lyon put their own hard earnings into helping others. Lily was a school secretary and Bert an insurance agent, whose area of work was the East End of London where he met many disabled children and adults.   It could argued that it would be unethical to make money out of his work.

       However, the club could have done without the Scientologists organisation, who seem to be only interested in grabbing the public's money, destroying all Wingfield's work, their films, music and tapes after Evelyn Gluck died. The now use her house in the West End of London as their Headquarters.   Why did they do this? The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church of England, who purport to have Jesus Christ as their mentor, would not have done this and would have handed the materials back, treating the club with respect: some of their children even joined Wingfield and helped out in the Colne Enseavour Band. But why are the scientologists like that: I could have used those tapes and the music. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.  The scientology mentor, L Ron Hubbard, was a science fiction writer who formed them, so what can you expect! I dont care saying this, because I am livid at them, and this is why I am telling this tale. 

       I have stayed with Evelyn at her house often and we went to concerts in the evenings. She needed a friend and so did I. She was very clever. I was a good friend to her and was there when her husband tried to break in to steal their daughter Clare. I also told her about the Truth, which she liked, and to give up smoking: se smoked eighty a day. I have just looked on the Scientology website at her house and could cry.  If only I had not moved out of London, might have been a different story. Bert warned me not to move away.

      Bert's work is now recognised in hospitals and schools throughout the world. Postetic limbs are now available and the robiotic hands are now in future technology which was not available then. Exercise machines and Bert's trike which lead to the the mobility scooers are all extentions of his ideas. So as Bert once told me: 

              ''My ideas will live on. If I made money out of the club the authorities would shut it down." 

        He gave his ideas to the world just as Chist did.   Like christ one should give up on themselves in order to help others. My daughter iis like this, and my father and mother had these qualities. It may cause prolems in our lives, but having love as the perfect bond we oercome these;  Col:3:14 "Clothe yourselves in Love for one another".

                                                   The Quiet Life

                                                    No one getting out of bed,

                                                    no one clanking around

                                                    no one disturbing the peace

                                                    no one untidying the place

                                                    no one no one about.

                                                    Okay for a while then, I wish

                                                   to hear someone getting out of bed

                                                   someone clanking around

                                                   someone disturbing the peace

                                                   some one lightinmg up my life then

                                                   The Lord says: 'Have no fear'...


                                                   "You have billions of angels for company"   JCS