My Book of Truisms
      I will start off with an email I sent to my dear friend Joan who so sadly died a few years ago.  We look forward to seeing her again in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.    
Dear Joan,
I read the jokes you sent today.  As a matter of fact, I think these are Truisms and maybe some have Altruisms in their meaning because I am writing a booklet on them.   I stopped all my own work to help V Racheal with the A214 Open University course in music, then the second year doing it myself.  The OU tried to put me off at first saying I might be too ill to do it.  I said I knew most of it anyway and received a first class 87 percent pass!   with an offer of publication of my piano work.   I  still have not heard from the man but he did say that it was being done early this year.    I am not bothered either way, as mum said, "It wont get anywhere sitting in your pocket!!!"!  I did put it on computer, however.
Jane is coming today and the circuit overseer may come also.  I hope he does not enter into the subject of putting in time, because she may be put off of coming to see me and talking about the scriptures if she thinks I am counting time against her!!   You get my drift?   But I do want him to visit me .   It is the first time in thirty years I have had such an offer.   I rang my piano tuners wife yesterday and they were all really busy at meetings of sorts.  I ran again about what we discussed and for my piano to be tuned.   The last visit I had was from Joe Wood, when I was pregnant with Racheal and had to keep off my feet with an impending miscarriage!  I had already had a miscarriage while out in the ministry. I was putting in many hours a month.   He spent all afternoon in my flat talking to me while all the others, including my then husband, went on the ministry: the minister had a bad back and needed to rest.   What a wonderful memory I have of that visit.  In fact it has never left me.       He was a very kind person and his wife, Margaret,  was very forthright - she had polio when young and had overcome it
Thank you again for your phone call - but I am classed as profoundly deaf though I can hear loud music - that is how I can write it.     If it had not been for the Wingfield Music Club, I would have stayed in a special school and not been taught music.   Is it not wonderful that Jehovah saw fit to look after me in this way and I hope he will continue to do so if I do not displease him too much!   -Buut  he must allow for some unwitting mistakes us imperfect humans make, which is not always our fault, otherwise we would be as good as him.   Paul said that he led his body like a slave - and this is what we must do.  In helping people we must be wary ourselves in this "last hour"of the time of the end  of not falling into sins clutches.    This shouldn't deter us from giving people a helping had.  We know ourselves what we are capable of and we must keep Jehovah God almighty, as well as his dear son Jesus Christ ,the symbolic rider on the Wight horse of the apocalypse,  in front of us.  Doing their will not our will.
Now Joan, the feet and clay of Nebuuchadnezzar's dream, we understood that the duel world power Anglo American as thought of by some people, is represented by the iron and clay of the feet. But because the people are so volatile as seen in the news lately together with freedom of speech that these two nations have, so I SUPPOSE THIS clay and Iron can also reflect the fragility of humankind against the iron thoughts of the two governments - in otherwords what you said is 'People power'..    What a wonderful subject to discuss with Jane this afternoon.   She is coming at 12 am. - aprox 4. 30 pm.
I must quote Romans 9:20,21.   It is also appropriate that the Roman Catholic Church was once so strong here and continues to be strong somewhat.   The worst opposers Jehovah God's people are the Roman Catholic nurses and midwives in this country!   Steve and I have had experiences of this sort of persecution. Now you see why I watched over my mum in hospital, rightly or wrongly: I could not bear her to go through any ill-treatment.   I knew the heard cardiac surgeon whilst I belonged to a music society, St. Botoph's in Colchester, and that was a comfort to me,  and watched his video on heart safety involving diet and not smoking, in the day room on the Wednesday besides keeping an eye on mum.  Unlike Jane, I am no trained nurse - I wish I had some training then perhaps I could have made her more comfortable at the end.   I went home to get cleaned up with the intention of going back the next day.  I lost my way out of the hospital which was pitch black almost, and lost my purse, but found my purse again, whilst phoning for a taxi only to be told by phone when I got home that she had gone.   Perhaps it was just as well they phoned because I immediately phoned my daughter and told her to come over.  I locked the doors and told her that her dear Grandma had passed away. She screamed but I was able to calm her down.    She came with me next day to collect mum's effects from the hospital.   Was this God' Almighty's helping again - it seemed as if I had no control over the events that occurred that late evening. She helped me with the execution of mum's will. I did not involve expensive solicitors, as mum did not have much money. 
Oh well, I had better listen out for the meals on wheels person.  I have also told the occupational therapist at social services about the problems with having my downstairs toilet built.   The one I spoke to said she would have done the same thing as me .     There is such a long waiting list for assessment, as Steve has just found out.  He won't get a visit until October!
I had better close now Joan, and thanks again for your wonderful support.   I am sorry you have been through the mill yourself, but we can be assured of Jehovah God's love as well as his forgiveness,and Jesus Christ's unconditional support and kindness.
       Regard's to Pete,
              Sisterly love from

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Sticks and stones may break my bones -

It hurts!

Money is not everything-

Only 99.9%!

One man's dream is another man's


If at first you don't succeed,

Suck something else!

If in doubt, leave it out.

* * *

Life's certanties,

Death taxation, and Murphy's Law.

I am a little hoarse,

I'll fetch a saddle!

Verily, verily, I say unto you-

Get lost!

Little Jack Horner sat in a corner,

Nobody liked him!

My life ends with social workers -

Far from social...

Do not fill the minds of others

They get mindless

Do not trust people

They will try you

Do not fill the mouths of your neighbours

They will spit at you

If the first foot does not work

Try the other foot

* * *

If you are penniless

Dig for gold

Manners maketh man

But money depletes him

A soldiers sin is sorrow

Silence is his grief

A book has many covers

But only one that matters

Never trust a social worker

They are not being social

If they think they're right,

Then prove them wrong

Ever seen a psycho medic?

There aren't any

How do they see?

they don't

Where is their head?

Stuck in the sand.

Don't want to be caught?

Then run a mile

* * *

If one's mind is full of sludge

Then dredge it

Dread what's coming?

Send for Judge Dredd

What is a lover's tif

A bmp

Cant afford to cook

Then grow some