Priness Diana, England's Rose

Decet vulputate nulla roto

        I presented this poem 'The Queen of Hearts, England's Rose', on my OU course forum:           

        The poem's mellow overtones emphasize the sad poignancy of that horrifice car crash which killed Princess Diana. I did have the honour of meeting Di when she visited Frinton blind home on the sea front. Her helicopter landed on the cliff top green. She shook hands with me and I shall never forget this charming young woman who knew how to be graceful.   She was blond and tall, wearing flat heels and a plain red tailored suit that emphasised her presence.

       Even now the haunting words of my poem affect me; tears run down my cheeks as a person as as kind as Diana.will never be forgotten. I may even have spoken to her son William in the African section of Colchester Zoo. The zoo had been decked out as if for a royal private visit: all the animals looked especially groomed, and my friend and I appeared to be the only one in the zoo that day.....


Decet vulputate nulla roto


I saw Diana's Helicopter circling high in the sky,

Over Frinton's Sea front;

A man walking his dog pointed to the "Great wirling Bird".   

She had come to visit Cranbrook retirement home for the blind. 

There weren't many people there

Waiting to see the "Queen of Hearts",

So I had a good vantage point.


           I saw Di's helicopter in the sky,

                 Circling over Frinton's sea front.

          When she landed and finished her visit

         I shook her outstretched hand;

             Caught her charming smile.


        She lit a rare light within me;

             She, the most versatile of the Royal.,

         Then this Sunday morning I awoke to the tragic news:

              "Di is dead, solemn times ahead."


         I was sad for the rest of that mournful week.

           A tragic car accident in the tunnel next to the Seine

          Had plucked Dear Diana from this life in her prime,

                  Like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean before her.


       Di had disappeared into an everlasting sky,

          Resting in God's memory like an everlasting star,

  Shining bright in everybody's heart - no matter what caste or creed.

        Queen of hearts was her last trump card.


I may have spoken to her son, Prince William in the African quarters at Colchester's Zoo when Jane and I visited the refurbished zoo during the beginning of the twenty first century. Eve the animals were groomed especially for Royalty it seemed. This lovely medium blond young gentleman came up to me and asked how I was. He reminded me of Di. Jane was occupied nearby and did not see him.