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'A so called expert is someone who knows little about something'



 Lullaby, 'Racheal's Song', a piece I wrote for my dear perfect daughter. click on Racheal to play. 

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A so called medical expert has put Penny on Carbamazapine. I have read the side effects of this drug on the internet and in Wikipedia.  This drug causes bone marrow to deplete, red blood cells to diminish, thoughts of suicide, etc.  In other words slowly kills the patient.  I could sue them for medical negligence for giving this cheap and nasty drug to Penny, and will do so if anything happens to her as a result.  They are now talking about injecting her with Carbamazepine!!!   " Crikes!" If I lose my good caring daughter, their feet wont touch the ground.  Penny's mother, Moira; about that court case, she made everybody wish they had never brought the case.. she made sure of that.

     The mental health doctors in Colchester are foolish giving Penny, this drug. It is making her sleepy and confused: she cant eat hardly and never goes out. This is exactly what I have researched on the internet that this drug causes.  We are all deeply concerned about this drug being given to Penny and would like to ask Jeremy Hunt in parliament to forgo patient confidentiality and  allow us to get a second opinion from a more holistically inclined doctor.

    Jesus Christ, it is the others who are disabled... It is heart breaking for us all to see how Penny is on their various medications: she is on three other drugs besides carbamazepine. We want to see Penny back to her old self before she was put on all this medication...

    We are all upset and livid at what this doctor has done to Penny. Can the government get in touch with this doctor and get another opinion, because we are thinking of suing him for medical negligence.

     Penny's Mother does not trust the NHS any more, and I feel sorry for her. She has done her best for others throughout her busy life. So anyone in that Government who have had 'silver spoons' in their mouths and private Eton College education get off the their backsides come out of their offices and help Penny: Dr. Thay must take her off all detrimental anti-Psychotic medication. She did not need these medications in the first place.  We will spread Penny' predicament all over the world until there is soming positive done in getting her off these meds...


    We wont have mental breakdowns, but we shall make sure they will for doing this to Penny, as she is her mother's only child and the midwife in King George's Hospital, Hainaught Redbridge was a hulking Roman Catholic. dressed in grey uniform and white frilly cap. Moira is a protestant and would not be put to sleep to see the Doctor the next day. This midwife nearly killed Penny's mother. She even  threw the nice little Church of England nurse, who was trying to comfort Mora, out of the delivery room, banging the jug of water, placed there by the nice nurse, on the bedside cabinet. It was  mid-night, and there was nobody else about and the hospital was in complete darkness Moira's Husband and mother being sent home.      

    "She is to see the doctor in the morning," they were told by the Roman Catholic midwife. She then told Penny's mother that she was going to die. All Moira wanted was a natural birth and the best for her daughter. If It was not for Moira's deep faith in God Almighty, His Dear Son Jesus Christ and His heavenly Angels, she would have done.  I have written a poem about this story which I will eventually put on my website.

What I want to know is: "Why did the police let James Fairweather go after he held up AND ROBBED, by knife point Martins, Hunwick Road newsagents?" He used to walk past my house staring at my window, hiding behind my tree.

   On the morning he murdered that student, I saw him walk past my window in a beige coat. When I heard about that poor student, I gave the description of him in that coat and the time he walked passed to a nearby police woman. It was that coat, which he was wearing when he was stalking a third victim, that nailed him.

View across Salary Brooke.  A wonderful beauty spot  near Greenstead, Colchester. I hope it is never built on. Our grand children should have the legacy of this nature reserve and beauty spot: one of the few left in Colchester...