Lists of My Music Compositions

                                              Watch this space

I am putting a list together of the music already on this website that I have written. I have so much more music, poetic stories, news items, photos of my family and Wingfield members, as well as editing the many chapters of my book! I cant kill myself doing all this so I have do write in easy short stages... too slow fo a publisher to be interested in my work I suppose:   although I have had my work played  and bits published over the years.  And promises of my music being published.   Herbert Lyon said I would be published one day, and Barbara Reader of Scope said I would be a rich woman  with my writings and she encouraged me to carry on...   But quite frankly I am still waiting.   But I am not bothered really as this is a hobby to me. 

          I remember someone on TV saying:

          " Your projects have to be a hobby first, and if they earn

          you money then that is a bonus."  

   I have heard other writers say that writing was a hobby they often started as a child. Mothey have started writing later in life.  I Have written all my life, and have stuied many teach yourself book, even studying on the tain to work or in my missionary service which I did fulltime for seven years before giving bith to my beautiful  daughter V Racheal. My then husband, Daniel, later joined me in full time missionary work, which we called pioneering, this name I presume the public don't fully understand ...  We ran three cars into the ground whilst we were doing this voluntary work as well as working just a few hours a week to keep ourselves in food and clothing. My dear parents, Len and Ivy , but unfortunately Cattier, allowed us to live rent free in their house with my dear brother, Stephen, who later joined us in this missionary work, but unfortunately made himself ill as he had to do part time secular work too.


I am still trying to develop my characters by showing, not telling. Also, I am trying not writing like a schoolgirl, as one OU tutor, Jill, told me to d- whatever that means!


        'Song of the Sea'

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