St. Botolph's Music Socety
        V Racheal, weaing a blue jacket, is sitting next to her mother, Janet Cattier-Swann, to the left by the piano.       

I. Janet Cattier-Swann, was highly honoured to be able to play and sing along with the St. Botolph's Music Society for a few years before my health deteriorated.

      In this society, 1 received a lot of. encouragement to further my music writing.   Bert Lyon would have been pleased: it showed that handicapped people can be accepted in a professional sounding musical environment.

     I was thrilled to have played in the orchestra when pieces such as Rachmaninoff's piano concertos were being performed by Colchester's celebrated pianist, Phillip Smith. Also, I sung in the choir when they performed the original version of Handel's  Messiah, which contains the name of God. My daughter later joined the choir.



Due to experience I had gained in Wingfield and violin lessons in Colchester from Olive Cox, and composition tuition from Alan Parsons, I was well able to help out in the St. Botolph's junior orchestra for a time.

      Below is a newspaper cutting about a friendof mine, Jane Humbles daughter, Josephine, who gave me a lot of help and encouragement to join the St. Botolphs Symphony orchestra and choir where I stayed until I became unable to play any more at the age of 49 yrs: I slowed down. A doctor told me this is common in people like me of this age. Anyway, I can't say have not acheived anything and have no regrets.