My Fight to Keep My Faith in Christ

                                       Christ The King   

       First Verse tacet learn in order to learn the tune before singing    

Verse 1

Christ is now our King,

Risen Lord in Heaven above,

He died for our sins,

So we should know God's love.

The Holy Spirit reveals,

That wondrous sacrifice.

Verse 2

Christ at God's right hand,

All redeemed before him stand,

Won what Adam lost,

In that pure sacrifice.

God's Fatherhood is dear,

To his love we draw near.



Verse 3

Christ our brother man,

Came to Earth this love to show,

Made disciples true,

That God's Word could be spread;

They drank wine and broke bread,

For Christ is now their head.

Verse 4

Died upon a tree,

S0 that mankind could be free,

Everlasting life,

Was gained at calvary.

To god's love we will grow,

The steam of life will flow.



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