The King's Men

 God's-hol-ly   name, now is pro-claimed,

through-out the Earth in which righ-tous ness is soon to be dwel-ling!

All His King's hors-es and all His King's Men men-will go to War Yes the Great War of a God who is just!

It will be the Ba-tle of God's Arm-e  gge-don

Je-sus Christ is now His King and  he will cleanse the Earth of wicked-ness reigns in His Heav-nly Of-fice! Both With his Bride to judge the Earth all will now be just and true to break old Sa-tan's pow'r-

All na-tions can now sing God's ha-le-lu-jah Chorus! now the Earth can cry out glad-ly and shout out for joy! sing of-fice!    Je-ho- vah's name now is pro-claimed



Janet wrote 'The Kings Men' during the first week of learning the recorder. She found it difficult to hold the recorder and despite her paralized right hand curling round the base of the recorder, it only took her a week t learn all the notes in the green recorder book one. Mrs. Hamilton and Mr Lyon were so surprised at Janet's resourcefulness e they decided to teach her composition. Mrs Hamilton had an old piano put in her  classroom; it had been donated to the school by a well wisher as soon as Bert's advertisment for instruments ad been advertised in the local paper, the Walthastow Guardian. Janet started composing straight away.

         Bert Lyon formed a string quartet as soon as the children began to learn string instruments. There was Pat Bowser, 1st violin and who went on to lead the Wingfield orchestra- becming the first of Hale End Road's pupils to attend Trinity College of Music.



Decet vulputate nulla roto

             A concert Loyd's Park. The orchestra always played my compositions.     There were various solos by the disabled youngsters and the concerts were attended by the prominent people of the borough such as councillors and the mayor and mayoress. I remember a  particular councillor, Cllr Pringle, who attended every concert and gave speeches along with businessman Reginald Gould on the Club's behalf. Those were thhe days!  Reg had three children in the cluib, one who was disabled, Denise Gould-her sister was Deidre who played the clarined. Denise played the drums

Below are Janet's grandparents, Alice and Harry Cattier, in the garden with Patch at 61 Uplands Road Woodford Bridge. The M11 motorway was to 'swallow' the whole garden!

              Here are Janet and Stephen.



 click on above picture to play 'The King's Men' string quartet, my very first music composition.


Bert conducting the Wingfield orchestra at reheasals in the hall of the Big House in Hale End Road School, Walthsmstow, a turning adjacent to the Waterworks at the top of Forest Road, Herbert Lyon evemtually got the school a new name, Wingfield House: he said the disabled school had to have a name like able-bodied schools.

.Three year old Janet after her Aunt Vi and grandmother Alice got her walking by putting her against a wall and making her take her first steps at two and a half. Len and Ivy had gone away for the weekend cycling.

Below are words I put to the King's Men. Might need editing, though!


Symphonic orchestration of 'The King's Men', by Janet Cattier, which includes a choir singing the words bellow,,, 


The king's Men  orchestra  click to play