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   Herbert Lyon of the Wingfield Music Trust told me before he died in 1981: "It will be the mental health system that will need sorting out in the future. I  have sorted the physically disabled system."  I promised him that I would carry his 'banner' in furthering his work  for the mentally ill, which he started at the end of his life: he said that he was done with the physically handicapped. As egregious as this must sound, he has been proven right. 

Decet vulputate nulla roto

           Since writing the above, there have been terrible developments amongst the mental health social workers that must have devastating consequences on patients and their families.  In fact they split families by printing lies in 14 page reports on the parents.  I have seen these reports and they contain many shocking untruths.  I am so ashamed pf them like Bert Lyon warned against.   Why are they like this? Could it be argued that these jobs are given to ex mental health patients? if this is the case well no wonder and perhaps I am beginning to feel sorry for these ones: such a responsibility that effect lives 'put on their shoulders'. But there must be an overhaul of this practice of sending out o patients homes these untrue reports on patients and their families.

          Another thing, the mental health team could be seen to split families they purport to help by supporting malicious lies and untruths. They print them out and send them to the families concerned; how stupid of them.   Libellous and slanderous, and should not be allowed to get away with doing this. They make matters worse by doing this assiduous thing! And wasting the poor taxpayers money. It is a great pity that Hebert Gascoigne Lyon is  no longer here to defend us. He died as a result of a his car crash into the back of red double decker bus at the Bakers Arms, Leyton. He was 69 and was suffering from diabetes. We believe he may have blacked out. Therefore, I am 'waving his banner' by printing this website. Like him I want the World to have what I have. He could have made a not of money out of his inventions that have helped the disabled over the years. He said to me, "I want the world to benefit from my inventions and ideas, so I have stopped the patents." He did have a patentee and I spoke to that person who told me the same. I remember him as being the most selfless and altruistic person of his time. Pity he is not around today: there would be quite a few red faces, hiding in their offices and behind their desks. He had that bombastic way of making authorities sit up and listen, therefore getting things done; as a good friend of mine, Gordon, who lives in Orpington, Kent, would know. Gordon went through the club with me and we both had violin lessons together at Mrs Wallace's Home in the Avenue, Wanstead. I used to meet him at Wanstead station before making our way for our lessons.  We were both about ten years old at the time and he still keeps in touch. My friends are gentle nice people.

         It also could be argued that social workers have a very difficult job.  But they must know that their reports can have dreadful consequences I read by the wrong people.  If I was affected by reading their reports, then God help them if they get into volatile and violent persons...    Luckily for tem I am a mild person by nature and reasonable, but was still showed about what I read about one poor disabled mother which I knew were extremely intrue and unkind.  She is even thinking of sueing the health service for defamation of character: it is har d trying to live a normal life without being 'set upon' by these self appointed judges and juries.  In fact it could be purported they hold kangaroo courts. The poor mother concerned has done everything possible for her child and never once thought of herself as a  bad person.   I am glad I have set up this website to set the records straight, and I am extremely honoured to be carrying Bert Lyon's banner, even though I am now restricted in what I can do, due to the ageing effects on cerebral palsy.

       There must be many a family torn apart by bureaucracy and misconceptions by not getting to know the subject well. They appear so hardened that they do not see the effects their actions and misconceptions have on all concerned and of course at the expense of the taxpayer.  I have had it said to me by family that:

                                 "Disabled people who have families cause problems

                                  of a psycho nature on heir children"  quote by friends,

                                    family and doctors.

       This misconception was brought about by people like Freud and Darwin.  I read the book madness and the family when my daughter's father, Daniel, was studying for a Phd.  What a load of rubbish, I thought.  This book is no longer credible or used amngsth professional health works, just as the complexity of nature is leading to a great designer and not selection as Charles Darwin instigated.  Also Bert Lyon took me round some wonderful badly disabled families who had completely normal and healthy children who went on to have professional jobs.  I say that it is genetics that determines what a person is and nurturing make the pathway easier. In fact one of Bert Lyon's sayings: 'Doctor's have come out of slums.'  I remember the Madget family who had disabled parents and lived in the Caledonian Road, Poplar, East End of London. These three  healthy children helped out in Wingfield and became pub owner, a School teacher and a nurse with familes of their own.

     Bert and Lily Lyon would be appalled with what is going on today. We all need a better world with better people in it. Many factions of society are awaiting for supernatural intervention from an all loving God and Creator.  After all, we do not like our work destroyed, anymore than He does.